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13 July 2011 @ 08:07 pm
My favorite scene in my audio adaptation of "Who Goes There"  

FX-banging on a table

177 Garry
Calm down, everybody, calm down!

(voices quiet down)

178 Garry
Thank you. Macready, you've told us about the ship and this...thing...
that you found out there. I gotta tell you guys, I'm at a loss here. They
don't train us on what to do with a man from Mars.

179 Blair
Well, that should be obvious. I'll thaw it out and study it.

180 Connant
What? You can't be serious!

180 Blair
Of course I'm serious. We'll never get another...

181 Kinner
Listen, I don't care what you do with it, just don't do it in my dining
room on my tables.

182 Clark
We can't thaw that thing out! There's no telling what we'd catch from

183 Blair
Don't be...

184 Clark
What? Don't be dim? Let me tell you something, you no-necked

185 Blair
Pipsqueak? Now, just a...

186 Macready
Blair, let the man talk. You've done your
share. Now, what are you talking about, Clark?

187 Clark
Germs. Disease. You thaw that thing out, we could catch anything.

188 Blair
I'm telling you...

189 Garry

190 Copper
No, let him respond. I think I know where he's going.

191 Garry
Oh, I give up. What?

192 Blair
I'm talking about comparative biochemistry. I'm talking about the fact
that this thing did not evolve here on Earth, so there is no way that
it can be carrying any micro-organism that could be dangerous to
humans. Add to the fact that it lay buried in minus 40 degree weather
for six days, and nothing could have survived.

193 Norris
Oh, that's bunk and you know it Blair. Plenty of organisms freeze
and return to life when thawed.

194 Copper
But those are not higher order, complex organisms. An animal, one of
Clark's dogs for instance, would not thaw alive. Neither would a man,
or something advanced enough to build a spaceship. That kind of
structured organism needs all of it's major parts to operate. This thing
is dead.

195 Clark
That thing may be dead, but what about all the not-so-complex
lifeforms it carries? It could have some blood borne...pathogen...for
all we know. Something that killed the pilot and made the ship crash.
The point is we don’t know!

196 Garry
Hold on, hold on. Let's just take a vote, why don't we?

197 Blair
But, you said that I would be in charge if we found anything in my
field. I think this qualifies.

198 Macready

199 Blair
No, Mac, really. You were there. And now he wants us to vote? This
is one of, no, the most significant, most important, most exciting
discovery in the history of man. I mean, forget airplanes and
nuclear bombs, we have proof, inarguable proof, of life from
somewhere else. And he wants to vote on destroying it?

200 Garry
Who said anything about destroying it? I’m talking about voting on
whether we thaw it here, or take it to Black Island and let them do it.

201 Blair
Those morons at Black Island would either lose it or just turn it over
to the military. Either way, we lose a chance to make history!

202 Garry
Listen, not only do we have a space alien, we have a dead space
alien! There's nothing in my training about this. We vote. If the vote
goes your way, then you can be in charge.

203 Childs
So, we just write down our vote and put it in a hat?

204 Garry
No. No secret ballots on this. You want to thaw it, go stand next to it.
You don't, go stand by the door.

205 Blair
That's easy enough. I'll be the first.


206 Connant
Not me.


207 Norris
I...I've got to go with Connant on this one, Blair.

208 Clark
Me, too.

209 Copper
I have to agree with Blair. This is not something we should pass on,

210 Van Wall
Come on, guys! A real honest to goodness Martian! Who wouldn't
want do this?

211 Kinner
I don't care what we do with it, as long as it isn't in here..

212 Blair
I promise, I won't do anything here. I have to set up a lab.

213 Kinner
Fine. As long as you take it away, I'll let you play with it.


214 Connant
Kinner! You can't be serious!

215 Macready
Connant. It’s his choice.

216 Childs
Mac, you should never have dug that thing up. Shoulda burned
it where you found it. I'm staying right here by the door.

217 Macready
You may well be right, Childs, but we are here for scientific study.


218 Connant
Oh, Mac, not you, too! Garry, you have to see that this thing is
dangerous. At least make it a tie so we can flip a coin or something.

219 Garry
I'm sorry. But this could mean tremendous things for all of us. I…I
have to go with them.

220 Blair
At least some of us have some common sense.

221 Macready
Shut up, Blair. That ice should have cleared by now. Pull the
tarp off and let's see the newest member of our team.

223 Blair
It's about time. We haven't been able to see it clearly since we found
it. Copper, get that end.

FX-cloth rustling and dropping to the floor

FX-running, then someone throwing up

224 Copper
Oh, my...

225 Blair

FX- walking up

226 Connant
What was that, Blair? Did I just hear you say oh my sweet Jesus!

FX-stumbling back, a chair falls over

227 Van Wall
Are those...are those worms?

228 Clark
This is a joke, right? You four cooked this up out there just to get a
laugh? Right?

229 Copper
Is...is it too late to change my vote?

230 Kinner
I hope Garry left me some room in that trash can.

231 Childs
I told you, Mac.

232 Macready
Yeah, I'm beginning to agree with you.

234 Blair
Well, nobody ever said that biology would be pretty. So, Connant old
boy, what do you think of God's handiwork?

235 Connant
Uh-uh, evolution can have this one. My God never created

236 Clark
So, let me get this straight. You want to thaw this out and
study it.

237 Blair
Of course.

238 Clark
And you have to cut it up to do that.

239 Blair
Yes, of course. Eventually, a full dissection will be necessary.

240 Norris
I think I'm with Clark. Cutting this thing into pieces would be a good

241 Copper
Blair, if you don't, I damn sure will.