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14 October 2011 @ 07:01 am
You people who claim to be the 99% (and their supporters), here are a few things to think of:
You do not support me. Our household income is right at 50k. We are not rich. Yet, we do not want rich people's money.
You protest because someone else has more money than you, yet you do not do what they do, you have not lived their lives, you do not know what has to be done to get that money.
You block the streets, then fight against the police when they try to clear those streets. Then you get mad when the police fight back.
In America, there are laws regulating how you can protest, but those laws do NOT prevent the protest. If you stay within those laws, you can protest you little heads off. Look at the people from Westboro Baptist Church. They do not get arrested. They do things within the confines of the law. By the way, they don't represent this Christian or his beliefs any more than you do. I don't like you, but I despise them.
Look at all the MLK marches every year. They don't get arrested even though they are using the streets. That's because they do it right.
You want to bitch and complain that some people have more money than you? Fine. Go right ahead. Gather peacefully and lawfully and have fun.
You want to bitch and complain that those people aren't sharing their money with you? Too bad.
When you have the $120k school debt of a doctor or lawyer, you can charge the same prices they do and drive the nice cars. When you have multiple millions in debt setting up an extensive doctor's office, you can charge the same prices they do and live in the gated, patrolled neighborhoods. When you pay tens of thousand of dollars for insurance, like doctors and business owners, you can charge the same prices they do. And be in crushing debt like so many of them are.
Businesses are not evil because they make money. When you have to pay tens of thousands of dollars a month to lease the space for a grocery store, pay the liability insurance to cover people who fall (and those who only pretend to), when you have to pay the distributers to get the foods into the store, when you have to pay upwards of a million dollars (maybe more) just to get the store ready to open, when you have to pay for the employees, when you have to pay the taxes, when you have $50k in merchandise a MONTH stolen from your store (like one of the WalMart stores in the San Antonio area), THEN you, too, can have the money.
As for me, I get up, I go to work, I work, I go home. Every two weeks, they give me money.
I am blessed to have the job I have, the house I have (which I PAY for every month!), the 2 vehicles, the toys (like this computer), the life I have.
But I have this life because 1) God has blessed me, and 2) I work for it.
When my Dad died, all he had was $17k for each of the 4 kids. I don't know what the sibs did with it, but my wife and I saved it until we could find this house. Trust me, the house cost more than $17 thousand.
So, you 99%ers, go home, go to work, save, budget, live within your means, and stop worrying about what other people have.
And stop bitching when you get punished for breaking the law.